Paw-fect quarantine

Dogs provide an example on how to make the best out of quarantine.

There’s one thing that can instantly brighten your tiring and long day: your dog. Your dog is always there waiting for you when you come home from school and extracurricular activities. Quarantine, a constricting and difficult time for us, is actually your dog’s ideal situation because they get extra time with their favorite owners.

Think about it. Every day while you’re at school, your dog spends around eight hours with your parents, which is really 56 hours for your dog. That’s 56 hours your dog has the same routine of eating, sleeping, and walking (It’s alarming how similar this is to an average day in quarantine).

If you’re like me, when you get home after a tiring day, you pet your dog and then head upstairs. We forget that they’ve spent 56 hours waiting for our arrival, only to receive a pet o

Evelyn Driscoll
Maggie and Charlie greet their owners after a long day. They felt very excited in their new bandannas.

n the head.

However, this doesn’t stop our dogs. Everyday they greet us with the same excitement, never getting tired of us. Whether it’s a sleepy wag of the tail or excited jumping, dogs are always excited when we come home. For dogs, quarantine is ideal because they get to spend more time with their usually busy owners.

We could all learn a lesson from our dogs. Although our lives have been obstructed in unbelievable ways, this is an opportunity to grow closer to those around us.

Furthermore, we can look to our dogs on how to maintain an excited outlook on life during this time. The days seem to blend together in quarantine, and it can be difficult to tell them apart. However, dogs have a good way of living every day anew.

Although we can’t always match the excitement of our dogs, we can try to follow in their footsteps by looking forward to the little joys in our days. For dogs, this is food, sleep, and playing with the family. For us, this can be calling a friend, doing a face mask, or playing a board game with the family.

Dogs are able to find something new and exciting every day, and it all comes down to connections. Our dogs love to be with others, making quarantine the perfect time to be a dog. We can all take a leaf out of our dog’s book by appreciating the people that make our life what it is and using this time to grow closer to those around us.