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Infographic by Giulia Henshaw. Flexible schedule- Depending on what schedule a school decides to do, students have various opportunities to take their AP tests. The College Board provided three different styles of testing.

New format for AP tests

The College Board creates a new and accommodating testing schedule to combat the pandemic.
Giulia Henshaw, Copy Editor February 9, 2021

After almost a year in the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are still in a hybrid schedule. As Advanced Placement (AP) tests approach, the College Board implements a flexible testing schedule for students to...

New Progress on COVID Vaccines

New Progress on COVID Vaccines

Progress is being made to create and distribute vaccines to ensure that herd immunity is created.
Kendrick Choi, Managing Web Editor February 9, 2021

It has been almost a year since the COVID-19 pandemic first caused the world to shut down. Now, scientists are making progress to create and distribute vaccines to ensure that herd immunity is created....

#Bekind- Follow these challenges each day this week. Kindness Challenge week was created in tandem with the Peer Mental Health and Kindness Presentation.

MUN Impact leads Peer Mental Health and Kindness presentation

Speak UP ambassadors and MUN students bring mental health education to the forefront.
Evelyn Driscoll, Print Editor-in-Cheif February 3, 2021

MUN and Speak Up collaborated on January 25 to share the Peer Mental Health and Kindness Presentation virtually on Teams. The presentation, led by MUN students and Speak UP ambassadors, featured an open...

Picture via Sky News

SoCal faces complete shut-down

Devon Nguyen, Opinion Editor December 14, 2020

Since COVID restrictions began to lift in the middle of the year, cases within Southern California have only skyrocketed. Governor Gavin Newsom has enforced a region wide shutdown for eleven counties that...

Lighting up the season

Saddleback church introduces a new Christmas celebration, Light of the World.
Alexis McCabe, Staff Writer December 13, 2020

The excitement of Christmas is here but things are looking a bit different this year. Saddleback Church shifts their normal Christmas celebrations into a whole new experience in order to make it COVID-19...

Students reflect on evacuation from Silverado fire

Seniors Jillian Surdilla and Sara Good recall their evacuation experiences.
Evelyn Driscoll, Print Editor-in-Cheif November 18, 2020

Group B classes took place virtually on Monday Oct. 26 in response to the Silverado wildfire raging in the Santiago and Silverado canyons, which forced around 90,000 Orange County residents to evacuate...

One mask at a time

A local group of community members continue to distribute handmade masks to areas in need through the Health Care Mask Collaborative.
Sofia O'Keefe, Staff Writer November 5, 2020

After seeing the unfortunate impacts of Covid-19, local politician Stephanie Oddo created a Facebook group known as Healthcare Mask Collaborative (HMC) to manufacture cloth masks in impoverished and high-risk...

Store fronts are being boarded up in major cities in preparation for the election.

Looming election day

Americans fear chaos and violence following the November 3 election.
Emelin Conboy, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

Major cities across the nation are becoming eerie and apocalyptic as the election approaches this November. Store owners put up plywood in fear of violence, similar to during the political unrest in the...

New season new clubs

In accordance with social distancing procedures and Covid-19 guidelines, SMCHS Club Rush moves to a virtual format for the first time.
Katharine Lee, Feature Editor October 30, 2020

Every fall, Club Rush begins with a bustling gym filled with students, high energy, and various clubs. This year, however, was different. Fall Club Rush was held virtually via Flipgrid on October...

Confirmed student cases of coronavirus in Irvine

Confirmed student cases of coronavirus in Irvine

With schools having been open for in-person learning, concerns regarding students contracting COVID have been realized with two confirmed cases in the Irvine Unified School District
Kendrick Choi, Managing Web Editor October 29, 2020

With schools returning in-person, it was only a matter of time till students and teachers would test positive for COVID-19. Such an occurrence has struck the Irvine Unified School District days after returning....

There's plenty of safe ways to celebrate Halloween.

A spooky and safe Halloween

Amidst a global pandemic, the CDC has released guidelines for how to safely celebrate Halloween.
Emily Freeborn, Web Editor-in-Chief October 21, 2020
Following the release of the guidelines, local businesses began adapting to ensure the holiday could be just as much fun as ever.
Corona kills the testing status

Corona kills the testing status

Colleges consider to begins eliminating testing
Hadley McCusker, Staff Writer October 8, 2020

As a senior and incoming senior, you have many things on your mind, due dates, college events, info nights, and test scores. In the unprecedented time we know that many colleges have taken the liberty...

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