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E-Bike Surge

Lauren Memoly, Staff Writer

September 21, 2020

E-bikes are a great solution for easy and quick transportation as well as a fun workout. The bikes are affordable and assessable to everyone Orange County and have become very popular. With the hit of corona virus sales of E-bikes in Orange County and all across California has skyrocketed. Many people ar...

Bringing Peace to Campus

Natalia von Gierke, Staff Writer

September 11, 2020

Santa Margarita held their first all grade, socially distanced, school event on Tuesday, Septembe r 1st.  Put on by Campus Ministry, the XLT (Xalt to God) included praise and worship from Mr. Cabildo and a SM graduate singer, a message given by Mr. Butalid, and spending time with the Eucharist ...

2020 Top colleges

2020 Top colleges

Jaime Svinth, Print Editor-in-Chief

May 28, 2020

  #1 Arizona State (ASU) (16) Recognized as the most innovative school by US News & World Report, ASU provides an engaging learning community for students. As "One university in many places," students can learn on one of five campuses in metropolitan Phoenix. With D1 PAC-12 sports and an ...

6 feet apart

Katherine Eli, Staff Writer

May 8, 2020

As the number of Corona Virus cases spread throughout the country, the CDC as well as many other health organizations have recommended a new procedure to lessen the chances of being exposed Getting the corona virus often comes as a result of spending prolonged periods of time with someone in close proximity to yourself. That is why it is recommended and promoted by m...

Corona college admissions

Colleges make changes to accommodate seniors accepting or applying for college. A lot of colleges became test optional in response to COVID-19.

Kendrick Choi, Managing Web Editor

May 5, 2020

As for the college admissions process itself, some colleges have extended their acceptance deadline, which is traditionally May 1st, to June 1st. Standardized testing is becoming an optional submission for applicants, seeing as the College Board has canceled or postponed most SAT I and SAT II testing until September. Colleges are also saying they will take into account the effect of quarantine on student-athletes and other extracurriculars. 

Coronavirus cancels senior year

Students imagine an online graduation considering the effect of coronavirus on an in-person one. Student's didn't know mid-March was their last day of traditional high school.

Megan Plocher, Staff Writer

May 1, 2020

 In mid-March students received instructions to leave school not knowing it would be their last day of high school. The coronavirus pandemic caused an emotional and unconventional second semester for many high school seniors who are focused on milestones such as graduation, prom and sporting events.

Time for recovery

The decrease of tourism in Venice, Italy improves the canal's waters and quality of life for the marine animals.

Giulia Henshaw, Copy Editor

April 24, 2020

In the months since coronavirus became a global pandemic, air quality and ocean conditions have improved.

Leaning into recession

Experts fear coronavirus could have a detrimental effect on the economy.

Megan Plocher, Staff Writer

April 8, 2020

Experts fear that coronavirus will cause an economic downturn in the stock market that could go into next year, and even beyond that. In response to government restrictions on businesses to lessen the spread of the virus, unemployment rates are increasing and stores are closing.

Orange County changes vote system

This vote center is one of many located across Orange County where voters have access to a myriad of services.

Kendrick Choi, Managing Web Editor

March 30, 2020

Since the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to change the county’s election processes in February 2019, major changes have been made, including the switch to “vote center” elections, changes in mail-in ballots and the implementation of more ballot drop boxes. 

Switch to online school

Try these tips to maintain health during quarantine.

Evelyn Driscoll and Devon Nguyen

March 26, 2020

SMCHS announced a schoolwide switch to online One-to-One learning on March 13 in response to the World Health Organization's (WHO) designation of the coronavirus as pandemic two days prior. Remote learning is planned to last from March 18 to April 20. "The school is being very proactive," said school...

Only 24 hours for greatness

Domi Drust, Web Managing Editor

January 26, 2020

On January 26th at 9:06 am, Kobe Bryant's personal helicopter left John Wayne airport and crashed in Calabasas before 9 am. It was a foggy morning on their way to his daughter's basketball game in Thousand Oaks. Gianna, 13, was aboard with him along with six others (including the pilot, assistant coach...

A New Season of Christmas Entertainment

Giulia Henshaw, Copy Editor

December 19, 2019

  Not only does Christmas mean a break from school and time with family and friends, it means a new selection of Christmas movies and shows to choose from. Whether it be on the big screen at movie theaters or on local television stations, the abundance of options continue to get greater.   This...

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