The student news site of Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

The Eagle Eye

The student news site of Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

The Eagle Eye

The student news site of Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

The Eagle Eye

Women’s History Month: Celebrating Trailblazing Women

Kelly Lu, Staff Writer Mar 14, 2024

This March, we honor Women's History Month by looking at some of the pioneering women who overcame barriers and left an indelible mark on society. From fighting for civil rights to making groundbreaking...

Red Hot Chili Peppers Performing in Allegiant Stadium

Red Hot Chili Peppers touring “Around The World” in 2023

Truman Huang, Staff Writer Dec 12, 2022

Concluding the highly successful 2022 “Global Stadium Tour”, the Red Hot Chili Peppers plan to replicate this success in 2023. After their hit album, “Return of the Dream Canteen,” the band plans...

What social media means for the fashion industry

Lana Diab, A&E Editor Mar 11, 2022

One way to predict what future trends will be in the fashion industry is through the 20-year fashion rule. The adage of history always repeating itself is proven through recurring fashion trends. However,...

Painting Collection

B Building Art Gallery

Brandon Covas, Feature Editor Mar 10, 2022


Retro pop art illustration of a wide-eyed terrified young man.

5 Random Fun Facts (for your enjoyment)

Katharine Lee, Feature Editor Mar 10, 2022

The first person convicted of speeding was going 8 mph. The gentlemen in question was Walter Arnold of the English village of Paddock Wood, Kent. On Jan. 28, 1896, Arnold was spotted going four times...

Holiday movie favorites

Dec 4, 2021

The Christmas countdown is finally here, bringing Christmas movies and music during the festive month of December. Based on America's popular ranked movies, the SM community shares our top 5 favorite...

Driving down the road to fame

Driving down the road to fame

Hadley McCusker, Staff Writer May 19, 2021

You will get deja vu as you hear the crowd favorites singles, first "Divers License" and not long after, "Deja Vu" again in the up and coming American Singer, Olivia Rodrigo's new album "Sour", releasing...

The Album Future Nostalgia features tracks of pop-funk and disco.

Dua Lipa’s Debut

Juliana Soliman May 19, 2021

Dua Lipa took the world by storm with her breakout hit album in 2017 and has been an ascending pop star ever since. March 2020 marked the release of her second album Future Nostalgia and in February 11...

As the school year comes to a close the seniors have an event-filled last week of high school.

Week of senior events

Bella Scarano, Staff Writer May 19, 2021


Trendy - Known for their iconic blue and pink outfits, Chelsey and Jaci pose in matching sweater vests. Their friendship started as just 15 year olds in high school.

What we said podcast

Alexis McCabe, Staff Writer May 17, 2021

The familiar sound of Jaci Marie's sarcastic jokes and Chelsey Jade's laugh airs every Tuesday on their podcast, What We Said, as they talk about their lives, share hilarious stories sent in from their...

Post from Rhetts Instagram Night 4 at billy bobs was epic! Its been such a blast getting back to doing what we love. Thanks so much to all that have come out.

Live in Fort Worth

Gracynn Crocker, Staff Writer May 16, 2021

The fans cheer as the music blasts and Thomas Rhett walks on stage. Country music fanatics have been waiting for concerts to start up again for over a year. Concerts have been on hold, or rescheduled to...

Chloe Zhao wins Best Picture for Nomadland.

The decline of awards shows

Lana Diab, A&E Editor May 13, 2021

From moments like Jennifer Lawrence tripping on the stairs before accepting her award to Lupita Nyong'o in her sky blue Prada Dress in 2014, The Academy Awards is one of the most influential aspects in...

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