Back to in person learning

In person school is not the same


In recent years I think all students agree that since coming back from online learning has been a bit hard. Some of the main reasons I have heard after interviewing a few of the Smhs students is the phone policies and the amount of work given.

There is a lot of controversies with the phone policies, with some people agreeing that they should put them away and some people thinking that they should be able to keep them on their desks.  “I think that when we have to put out phones in the pockets it makes me stop thinking about  the unnecessary things, and just to pay attention to the task in front of me”, says Grace Domagala. The students that say that the phones should be put away think that it helps them be more focused, and helps them not focus on social media. The students that think they should be able to keep there phones in class believe that if they do not pay attention it will be there own loss of education, and how they may need it for a moment to text their parents, and how that in online learning they had accesses to their phone at all times.

Another part that students are struggling on is the amount of work and their due dates. During Covid most if not all sports practices were canceled, so students had all day to finish their work, and had no distractions of going out because everything was closed. Now students have practices, after school activities, and  the amount of time to get home from school. Due to how long we were online people made new study habits, so they were not used to doing work with less time, and much more pressure. ” I feel like it teachers should have eased us into the work more, and went over different study methods that were previously used, and especially for the class of 2024, we had freshman year online so we did not have the introduction to actual high school learning” says Mia Lopez.

Overall even though coming back to school since the pandemic has been amazing, we could have a bit more time to adjust, and find a way to have a better fit for out new high school lives.