Should ChatGPT be blocked?


ChatGPT has caught the attention of many schools. This website as many know has the ability to produce well written responses for any input. This has caused school administration to become cautious of the potential cases of academic dishonesty.

In my opinion, I believe ChatGPT should not be blocked on school devices. The website is a great tool for students. It can help provide inspiration for students when experiencing writer’s block. 

Sparknotes, a site that contains detailed summaries of books, is also used extremely by students. Many English teachers have come to terms that as long as students do not substitute reading with Sparknotes, it should be allowed. The same concept should apply to ChatGPT. As long as students do not substitute writing essays with AI generated ones, ChatGPT should be allowed to be used by students.

Teachers may be concerned that they won’t be able to determine whether an essay is AI generated. However, ChatGPT often generates similar responses if the prompts are too similar. Since most teachers use Turnitin to detect plagiarism, teachers can detect possible usage of AI to generate essays. 

Overall, I believe that ChatGPT should not be blocked on school computers because it is a beneficial study tool.