Enforce the in-door mask requirement or don’t require them at all

Only some students are getting detentions, not all


We all know that in the past week, the school administration has implemented a mask requirement inside all school buildings, and then the punishment for not wearing one is a 45 minute detention. As part of the enforcement process, deans and teachers have been given the power to hand out said detentions if a student refuses to cover their face in class. However, it seems that there is no consistency in the distribution of the punishment. 

You would think that if there’s a rule established by the administration, everyone would follow through with the enforcement of it. Yet things such as giving out detentions are left in the hands of the teachers. Teachers all have their own opinions on whether or not they choose to give out detentions or not. This leads to an inconsistent distribution of punishment, making it unfair for the students who end up getting the short end of the stick. 

I think the attempt by the administration is a good one. Masks should be worn for the sake of the common good. But this is just not the way to go about it. Now I’m not saying that I enjoy wearing masks or enjoy getting detention. But the bottom line is, if you’re going to try to force everyone to wear masks and use 45 minute detentions as a deterrent, the administration of those punishments should be consistent. You either implement a mask mandate and successfully enforce it or you don’t do anything at all.