The student news site of Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

The Eagle Eye

The student news site of Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

The Eagle Eye

The student news site of Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

The Eagle Eye

Unlocking a New World through the iPhone 15

Unlocking a New World through the iPhone 15

Jayden Yokota, Photo Editor Oct 25, 2023

Apple has introduced the world to the iPhone 15 and its larger counterpart, the iPhone 15 Plus. These devices come with 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays, aimed at delivering an immersive viewing experience...

Katherine Rackohn Breaks Down her Picks for Events this Year

Kennedy Frey, Staff Writer Sep 12, 2023

Katherine Rackohn, the Sophomore secretary explains her picks for what SMCHS events she most excited for this year. The first is Socomun. Rackohn is not only the Sophomore secretary but also a chair...

Snapchat AI: Helpful or Creepy?

Snapchat AI: Helpful or Creepy?

Kylie Foerster, Copy/Feature Editor May 15, 2023

In February, all Snapchat users with the paid Snapchat+ membership had availability to the Snapchat AI. Suddenly, all users opened their Snapchat accounts to their own AI pinned at the top of the screen....

SM International Students Describe Their Lives Under Covid

Sally Yuan, Staff Writer Nov 9, 2022

      As a school that focuses on diversity and inclusivity, Santa Margarita Catholic High School incorporates a large and diverse international student body. Being an international...

Andrew Douglas teaching students machining

SMbld Robotics’ new training plan

Luke Soliman, ETV Liason Nov 9, 2022

The Santa Margarita robotics team created a new curriculum to train incoming students and prepare them for their season ahead. The pre-season curriculum includes machining, computer-aided design (CAD),...

Santa Margarita High School Talon Theatre fall production

Truman Huang, Staff Writer Oct 31, 2022

The Talon Theatre prepares for their new play. Their play will be showing this fall. This year, they will be performing a play called "The Matchmaker." "The Matchmaker" is a romantic comedy movie...

Catherine Bryson explains the intent behind her club, Reading Between the Spines.

Catherine Bryson: Reading Between the Spines

Katharine Lee, Feature Editor Oct 31, 2022

Senior Catherine Bryson frequently sports socks patterned with the names of historically banned books. Her earrings feature miniature models of books stacked artfully. As President and founder of a...

Dr. Galvez arguably possesses some of the best shoes on campus.

Dr. Galvez has the best shoes on campus

Katharine Lee, Feature Editor Mar 11, 2022

Spanish teacher Dr. Galvez has mastered the art of los zapatos.  

Four things to do before college

Lana Diab, A&E Editor Mar 11, 2022

For my fellow seniors, as our high school experience comes to an end, it is easy to feel as if there is so much left to experience with such little time before we go to college. Here is a list of some...

Lana Colaco 22

Lana Colaco ’22

Catherine Bryson, Staff Writer Mar 11, 2022

"I actually went into Mr. Fleming's class in my sophomore year hoping to join the club [Mandala]. I had seen it on the website and was interested in participating. But, to my surprise, it turned out that...

photo by: Reid Carter

Baby football

Tatum Tatch, sports and photo editor Mar 10, 2022

Previously highlighted members of the senior class, Dylan Oliver and Luc Carter have more to offer than their amazing broadcasting skills. In addition to the work they do behind the camera, the boys...

HOSM Update: Daniel Palfi

HOSM Update: Daniel Palfi

Kendrick Choi, Web Editor-in-Chief Mar 10, 2022

Last February, senior Daniel Palfi was like most others, submitting early admissions college applications and anxiously awaiting the results, whether it be acceptance or rejection. Luckily for Palfi, he...

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