The student news site of Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

The Eagle Eye

The student news site of Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

The Eagle Eye

The student news site of Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

The Eagle Eye

Fans will need Life Support after Madison Beers debut album

Fans will need “Life Support” after Madison Beer’s debut album

Emily Freeborn, Web Editor-in-Chief Mar 9, 2021

Within the first few seconds of listening to Madison Beer's debut album, "Life Support" audiences are translated into a world of the singer's creation. The first track, "The Beginning," is hauntingly beautiful...

Rising star Olivia Rodrigo drives a car through the suburbs in a music video for her new single Drivers License. Traction gained from the singer-songwriters popularity on TikTok helped skyrocket the song to number one on global charts.

TikTok deserves more credit

Emily Freeborn, Web Editor-in-Chief Feb 8, 2021

The music of TikTok is confused with songs put out by the "TikTok stars," such as "Be Happy" by Dixie Damilio, but the app deserves more credit than that. Behind the façade of renegade-dancing teens,...

A behind the scenes view

Gracynn Crocker, Staff Writer Nov 3, 2020

Well-liked pop singer, Shawn Mendes, will soon release a documentary on Netflix. The artists documentary, "In Wonder", will start streaming on November 23rd. Mendes reveals that the fil will bring viewers...

Lana’s timeless treasures

Domi Drust, Social Media Editor Sep 15, 2020
Rey’s originality with her vintage flare separates her from the rap / pop music that is common today.

Turn up the music

Giulia Henshaw, Copy Editor Sep 14, 2020
The Vaughn College article, "Studying to Music can Put Your Brain in the Right Frame of Mind", explains how listening to music while studying helps with concentration, improves focus, and relaxes the mind.

Unprecedented performance for unprecedented times

Aaron Moffett, Staff Writer Sep 14, 2020
Amidst a pandemic MTV somehow made a performance driven award show without a crowd of thousands cheering for their favorite artists.

REVIEW: Sofia Lim’s ‘Pomelo’ is bittersweet

Emily Freeborn, Web Editor-in-Chief Sep 4, 2020

Senior Sofia Lim begins her EP, titled 'Pomelo', with a description of the bittersweet fruit for which the album is named, which she relates to the feeling of bittersweet nostalgia that comes with remembrance....

Spreading the melody

Rachel Do, Web Editor-in-Chief Nov 19, 2018

Melody Tajalli enjoys performing in front of huge crowds and connecting with the audience. A natural singer-songwriter and performer, Tajalli has been a musician since 2007. When she started playing the...

Ignite stands for ‘I’ and ‘God’ night; The night is centered around your personal relationship with God.

REAL worship

Ivanna Rea, Managing Editor Sep 3, 2016

The project that four SMCHS graduates started has now been passed down to a group of students ready to spread the faith filled mission of REALministry. In May of the 2015-2016 school year, Andrew Hoang,...

Amanda Duncan and the rest of the Silver Stars Orchestra practice the steel pan under the instruction of their arranger.

Panning for first place

Perla Shaheen, Copy Editor Mar 21, 2016

After her absence from Jan. 29 to Feb. 7, Director of Percussion Amanda Duncan has finally returned to SMCHS. Her time away was spent in Trinidad practicing nonstop for the Panorama: a carnival where...

Classic or cliché

Classic or cliché

Dessi Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Editor Nov 3, 2015

Shelves are crammed with record cases and walls are plastered in Polaroid pictures. Hipsters roll their eyes as they walk past the common store displays, scoffing at how mainstream these vintage treasures...

The chamber choir class practices its music piece for an upcoming service event.

Musical honors

Perla Shaheen, Copy Editor Oct 30, 2015

After many years of award-winning and hard work, the performing arts program has taken another step forward with its acceptance into the Tri-M Music Honor Society (MHS). This international society recognizes...

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