A behind the scenes view

Shawn Mendes releases documentary on his life as a singer/songwriter.


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Picture with caption from Shawn Mendes’ instagram announcing the release of the documentary. For the first time since his initiation to stardom at age fifteen, Mendes will give the readers an in depth look at his personal life.

Well-liked pop singer, Shawn Mendes, will soon release a documentary on Netflix. The artists documentary, “In Wonder”, will start streaming on November 23rd. Mendes reveals that the fil will bring viewers backstage in his life.

Mendes grew up in the music industry, playing covers on YouTube in as early as 2012. As he started growing his fan base, he realized his first single, “Life of the Party” in 2014. He was only 15 at this time. Since then, he has written many more songs and toured all over the world.

“The more vulnerable I find myself I feel like it’s very helpful for other people to kind of feel in their story in their life” said Mendes in an interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Mendes describes his new documentary as being “raw”. He wants to open up about his life growing up, which became difficult in the spotlight of fame.

“We tried our best not to edit anything out” said Mendes.

Later in this interview he says that he wants to be honest with his major fanbase about what his life is really about without feeling like the documentary has been polished. He wants to make a statement in the world right now with his vulnerability with his viewers.

“In life, I find that I’ve been so lucky to run and to cross paths with people who have that look in their eye and that real love and support,” Mendes said.

Mendes describes that he made it to where he is today through the support of everyone around him. He had his family and friends to have is back and encourage him through his career that started over 8 years ago.

Additionally, he delves into his inspiration behind his various songs. In a clip, he explains how his current girlfriend, singer Camila Cabello, is the love he sings about.

“They’re all about you,” Mendes said. “Like every song I’ve ever wrote.”

The artist explains that he gets the same feeling when he used to record videos singing in his room that he does singing on stage in front of thousands of people.

“This isn’t a story about a famous musician this is a story about a guy growing up” said Mendes.