Spreading the melody

Senior Melody Tajalli shares her endless passion for music and its influence on her life.

Melody Tajalli

Rachel Do, Web Editor-in-Chief

Melody Tajalli enjoys performing in front of huge crowds and connecting with the audience. A natural singer-songwriter and performer, Tajalli has been a musician since 2007. When she started playing the piano and singing, music became a huge part of her life.

“Because  my dad plays piano, it was one of those situations where I was exposed to it at an extremely early age, but didn’t start creating my own music or playing instruments until first grade,” Tajalli said.

Tajalli began to write her own music in middle school and learned how to play instruments such as drums, ukulele, guitar and piano.  Tajalli became famous on social media platforms, especially on Instagram with over 70000 followers.

“Beginning of freshman year, I was going strong at 1000 followers, and then a bunch of accounts and The Voice started posting my videos to their Instagram accounts,” Tajalli said. “In response to overwhelmed praises, I started posting more covers. It makes me feel happy [because] I can make other people feel good. I don’t want my music to be just seen as like relaxing for myself. [My music] can help them go through whatever I am going through.”

While it is true that music has played an important role in Tajalli’s life and shaped who she is today, she doesn’t see it as developing into something more than a hobby. In fact, Tajalli wants to separate music from her own career.

Courtesy of Melody Tajalli
Following the passion – Singer-songwriter Melody Tajalli demonstrates her talent through her originals and covers

“For me, personally, singing allows me to destress, so I wouldn’t ever want to make it my career to take away that impact has on my life,” Tajalli said. “I want to major in political science and international affairs because I’m very passionate about making a change within the world. I definitely think that having music there will allow me to relieve the tension or stress.”

Music has allowed Tajalli to express her feelings and herself in a way that no other thing could. There were some rough times for Tajalli, mainly regarding school life, and it is her passion for music that helped her through. Out of all the famous artists, Demi Lovato has influenced her the most, because of her strong and admirable personality.

“I think the recent events about drug and alcohol addiction prove that [Demi Lovato] is a human and we all go through different faults,” Tajalli said. “Her music inspired me to start writing my own music and helped me through things. I am a very big lyric person, so when I heard these lyrics talking about strength and prevailing through darkness, I held that close to my heart.”

Tajalli believes that each song has its own special meaning and emotions, which are what make music itself unique and meaningful as a whole. It is difficult for her to pick out one favorite song or even a couple, because she approaches each song differently.

“Every song evokes different emotion,” Tajalli said. “There’s not like one specific song that I really could hold above any other songs, because every song is a different story for me. People listen to music that makes them feel types of ways. Every song that I listen to reminds me of strength or who I am.”

Given that music has impacted her life for such a long time, it is natural for her to continue her passion. Although Tajalli won’t turn her passion into a career, she has already made progress as a professional musician. She already has her own name on Apple Music and has these concerts in Orange County.

“There’s nothing better than knowing that the music I’m making is not only impacting myself in a positive way, but also the others,” Tajalli said. “I have been talking with different record labels and I’ve also been working with different artists, collaborating with people. I just want to continue putting out my music because there’s no words to describe how much it allow me to relax and take a step away from the hectic life.”