5 Random Fun Facts (for your enjoyment)


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Retro pop art illustration of a wide-eyed terrified young man.

  1. The first person convicted of speeding was going 8 mph. The gentlemen in question was Walter Arnold of the English village of Paddock Wood, Kent. On Jan. 28, 1896, Arnold was spotted going four times the speed limit in his 19th-century Benz—but since the speed limit at the time was just two miles per hour, that meant he was not going too fast by today’s standards. The constable had to chase him down on his bicycle and issue a ticket for £47s.
  2. The moon has moonquakes. 
  3. The hottest spot in the world is in Libya. El Azizia, in Libya, reached a temperature of 136 degrees Fahrenheit on Sept. 13, 1922.
  4. Pigeons can tell the difference between a painting by Monet and Picasso.
  5. Cotton candy was invented by a dentist. And it’s been bringing kids cavities ever sense.