What we said podcast

Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade host podcast, What We Said, with hopes of entertaining and inspiring their young adult, women audience every Tuesday.


Danielle Deaville Kirkland

Trendy – Known for their iconic blue and pink outfits, Chelsey and Jaci pose in matching sweater vests. Their friendship started as just 15 year old’s in high school.

The familiar sound of Jaci Marie‘s sarcastic jokes and Chelsey Jade‘s laugh airs every Tuesday on their podcast, What We Said, as they talk about their lives, share hilarious stories sent in from their listeners, and give helpful advice to young women all around the world. They aim to inspire and entertain their audience through their candid conversations and encouragement. The podcast can be found on any streaming platform and new episodes air every Tuesday.

Student, Katy Redfern, has been an avid listener for 2 years. She thoroughly enjoys their episodes and hearing about their adventure filled lives, as they dwell in Los Angeles, California.

“I struggle to get through a lot of podcasts either because there is too much information, I get overwhelmed, or it’s just not entertaining,” said Redfern. “but What We Said has a perfect balance of entertainment and inspiration.”

Both Jaci and Chelsey bring their own unique personalities and interests to the podcast.

“Chelsey is a health coach and I am pursing a nutrition degree so she has always inspired me in that aspect,” Redfern said. “I love Jaci because she pushes me to be productive and pursue things that I might have thought were out of reach.”

The conversations on What We Said range from talking about the newest fashion trend to the worst first date stories. Although the content differs from episode to episode, their audience continues to support the two girls and love whatever they converse about.

Many of their listeners feel that Jaci and Chelsey are their new best friend because of their authenticity that shines through their quality conversations on the podcast. Senior, Sabrina Cormie, loves the podcast as well, and enjoys laughing alongside Jaci and Chelsey.

“They are such lighthearted and down to earth girls who very committed to being candid for the benefit of their listeners,” said Cormie. “I love the variety of content they put out too!”

Their laid-back style makes you feel like you are sitting across a table, having coffee with your best friends. The two never stray away from their true values and always come back to what means the most to them, despite conflicting world views and changes in culture.

Junior, Annie Mulvihill supports the duo by also listening to the podcast and following the What We Said Instagram.

“I think [the podcast] is super fun because it feels like they are having a conversation and I enjoy hearing about their lives,” said Mulvihill.

Join Redfern, Cormie, and Mulvihill by supporting Jaci and Chelsey by listening to What We Said every Tuesday, following them on Instagram, or by purchasing their hand designed merch.

Nope – Standing together are Jaci and Chelsey in their matching “nope” sweatpants. The two have used sarcastic phrases on the podcast for years. (Danielle Deaville Kirkland)