MUN Delegates Take Home the Gold

MUN Delegates win the best large delegation at THSMUN

Both freshman and sophomores attended Tustin, their first required conference since SOCOMUN on the week before Thanksgiving break.

THSMUN celebrated their 30th annual conference and welcomed delegates from middle school to seniors.

With 20 committee rooms, delegates spent time creating and debating their solutions.

The sophomores worked on two papers over both days with topics such as providing education for refugees and economic stability in war torn areas.

The freshman continued to learn how to participate and collaborate with other delegates. Through the speakers list, moderated and unmoderated caucuses and resolution they came up with solutions to major global issues.

The delegates spend time preparing for required conferences in class. Through roasts and constructive feedback, they learn how to make their solutions better. This helps them to memorize and debate information during the conference.

After hard work and collaboration, they were able to celebrate at the end of Day 2 by taking home the Large Delegation Award.

This award goes to the school who has the most students win awards. With over 105 awards total the school secured this accomplishment.

For more on SMCHS’s MUN program visit their Facebook at SMCHSMUN.