5 tips to help you for finals

With semester finals right around the corner, almost every student has thought about their upcoming exams at least once.

This time of the school year is a tough time for students, and with these exams weighing 20% of a class, these exams are super impactful on a student’s grade. Most students will have to juggle studying for these exams with sports and other extracurriculars, causing stress to soar.

Here are five tips to help students be more efficient with their studying:

1: work in a quiet space

Working in a quiet space helps you focus more, and working in a quiet space frees you from any distractions that are going around you.

2: get off your phone

It’s no secret that cell phones and other devices are distracting, so putting your phone in another room or giving your phone to a parent during your studying time will minimize distractions.

3: take small breaks

It’s no good to sit down at your desk for 3 or more hours cramming in all your homework and studying, so taking short breaks every 45 minutes to an hour is great for your body and your brain. And don’t be on your phone sitting down during these breaks either! It is good to be moving your body around.

4: listen to a fire playlist

Listening to music helps you focus a lot. There are plenty of playlists on YouTube made just for studying, click here for a list of them.

5: get more sleep!

Sleep is very important, as a sleep deprived person cannot remember many things. It is harder to function overall while you are sleepy. If you do need to cram in some more homework or studying before your exam, it is best to sleep early and wake up earlier to start your studying.