SM’s favorite types of movies

Movies are such an influential part of the world, especially for teenagers in high school. With there being so many genres of film, everyone has their own preference for what they like to watch. To find out what the SM community likes, 50 randomly surveyed students were asked their favorite movie genres. The results are seen in the pie chart above.

In the pie chart, there are 7 main categories that students chose: comedy, action, romcom, horror, mystery, or none. The most popular of these categories was comedy with 33% of SM students preferring it. Next, 3 genres had the same amount of preference being action, horror, and drama. Each of these had 20% preference by the student body. All of the other categories had very few people prefer them composing of 2-3% of the student body. Finally, 2% of students do not enjoy movies at all!

While making the pie chart, the student responses were not exactly each categories name. For instance, in categories like action they included  all people who said action, adventure, and sci-fi. Overall, the data was seemingly accurate and took data from all four grades of students. With the majority of students preferring comedy, elf is definitely going to be the most popular Holiday movie amongst students this year!