Lighting up the season

Saddleback church introduces a new Christmas celebration, Light of the World.

The excitement of Christmas is here but things are looking a bit different this year. Saddleback Church shifts their normal Christmas celebrations into a whole new experience in order to make it COVID-19 friendly. Light of the World is a drive-thru Christmas experience that includes a live nativity scene, dazzling lights, music, and even fake snow.

Senior Jacquelyn Todd was able to obtain a reservation for Light of the World and experience all of it’s goodness. Todd reflects on her time spent driving through the winter wonderland.

“My experience at the light show was amazing and nothing like I have ever seen before. They even gave us hot chocolate before entering. There was fake snow, tons of lights, and cute Disney characters” Todd said.

Saddleback Church’s goal is to bring the spirit of  Jesus’ birth to the community without gathering thousands of people for each service. They have worked to keep the true meaning of Christmas present for all attendees. Although, the church will still be streaming their virtual Christmas service starting December 19, 2020 here.

“At the end of the show, there was a story of Jesus’ birth story. It was really nice that they included that,” said Todd.

Entry is free, but you must reserve a spot before in order to guarantee entrance. If the distance is too far or you are unable to reserve a ticket, you can still experience the joy of Light of the World by participating in the virtual 360 experience. Saddleback has provided the Orange County community with a wonderful, safe, and exciting activity for families or friends to experience.

“Just make sure you don’t bring your car washed when you go because the fake snow will make it a little dirty!” Todd said.