No more procrastination

Lucy Chang recommends ways to increase efficiency and motivation for online learning.


Illustration by Lucy Chang

Susan Carolynn

Lucy Chang, Staff Writer

As the new semester kicks off, many students struggle to maintain motivated and engaged in their classes. Understandably, students tire of school after the long span of online learning, but simply giving up isn’t the best choice. It’s helpful to learn some useful methods to increase motivation and efficiency for online learning.

The first method is to create a learning environment similar to a classroom. One of the biggest reasons students lose their motivation to study is the temptations at home. Food, bed, iPad, or phone are baits which lure students to the trap of procrastination. The relaxed and cozy environment at home, especially in the bedroom, distract students from studying.

“Since they do not study in a structured and controlled classroom context, online learners must be able to structure their own physical learning environment,” Researchers Richard Lynch and Myron Dembo said in their study of students’ self-regulation in online learning.

It is necessary for students to create a learning-only space at home. In an area without other temptations, isolation from distraction forces students to focus on learning like they are on campus.

The second method is to make a predictable schedule everyday. A predictable schedule is similar to a daily to-do list. Start out with a predictable routine that signals that learning time is starting. A predictable schedule also motivates students by giving them the sense of control over their own lives. Also, knowing exactly what to do can decrease anxiety.

If students want their schedule to be more effective, they can make themselves a visual schedule. Although visual schedules are usually used by younger learners for easy comprehension, direct visual impact–colorful and vivid images, for example– are effective on high school students as well. Making visual schedule is a fun process which encourages students to follow through with their plans.

Although starting the methods above may be daunting, they are definitely worth trying. The first step to stop procrastinating is to try possible solutions–online learning be effective after all!