We want more Folklore

Taylor Swift saves 2020 not only with two albums but with a movie as well.


Max Wagner

The year has been filled to the brim with ups and downs, people are not sure what to expect next in times like these. Although, one star who we can always depend on to save the day strikes again. In the midst of quarantine, Taylor Swift not only released her Folklore album which took the world by storm but also recently dropped her behind the scenes documentary, “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions”,  where she explains how it all came together.

In this movie Taylor revealed her very human struggles and how she too found something to keep her occupied throughout these difficult times. The documentary was emotional and motivating all at once. The feelings of courage and perseverance simply encompassed the film as Swift poured her soul into something that bettered herself and well as gave her fans hope to keep looking forward.

The Indiewire states “Swift is comfortably in her element with “Folklore” and, not surprisingly, also in quarantine, far-flung from the bright lights of the tabloid-driven world that typically consumes her.”

Her passion for her fans as well as the art is truly revealed in her lyrics as well as the long days of producing only what she takes the upmost pride in as seen in her documentary. Swift also preparing release yet another album, “Evermore” was released on December 11th as a sister record to Folklore.

This documentary is a must watch during the holiday season to ring in some hope and motivation for some in which this season is not the merriest. You can find this documentary on Disney Plus as it arrived in November which gave us another reason to be grateful this past Thanksgiving.