A View of the 1970s

The movie, Forrest Gump, portrays the 1970s through the eyes of a man named Forrest Gump.


Rachel Tetreault

Forrest Gump’s view of life is like a box of chocolates.



In Forrest Gump’s eyes everything is a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get. In the movie, Forrest Gump, a mentally challenged man, played by Tom Hanks, lives through a series of historic events in the 1970s . Gump tells his life story from an innocent perspective. From the presidential assassination, to being awarded the Medal of Honor, to dancing with Elvis Presley, Gump lives his life oblivious to the world and its dangers.

This film has it all, from the well-implemented themes throughout the movie, the historically correct events, to the best acting there is.

I loved Hanks role in the movie, which I believe was the hardest character to act out, because of Gump’s disability of being mentally challenged.

Gump falls in love with his child-hood friend Jenny, played by Robin Wright Penn.¬† Penn’s character is easily influenced by people and her friends.

Penn did a great job portraying the daily struggles that a lot of women faced during the 1970s. From protesting the Vietnam war, trying to pursue her dreams of being a famous singer, and dealing with drugs in her life.

The director, Robert Zemeckis, executed a well put together film with a storyline that has drama, a love story and comedy.

Zemeckis did a fantastic job setting the scene to the film’s historical content in the 1970s.

When Gump was deployed to Vietnam, the scenery was very realistic. Zemekis’ created a visual atmosphere of Gump’s home life in contrast with his experiences in other parts of the country and Vietnam.

Zemeckis did an excellent job of setting the mood through the different settings during the film that pulled the film together. He portrayed the time period, its resemblance to the 1970’s and all the problems in the United States. He also added a comedic feel to the movie¬† which is a pleasure to watch.

Zemeckis projects the themes of love and acceptance throughout the film .

Gump never sees the bad in people. Gump always wants to help out any way he can because of his generosity. Gump’s kind gestures to his friend, Lieutenant Dan, who Forrest met while he was in the war and Jenny, his best friend and eventually wife show that Gump’s love for anyone is unconditional.

Zemeckis consistently shows the theme of unconditional love in the film because it helps the viewers either relate or have sympathy for the characters.

Compared to other movies Forrest Gump is the best film I have seen because of its history, acting and themes though out the movie. This movie is recommended to those who want to see the 1970’s through Gump’s eyes and feel good after watching this well crafted film.