Double life

More than half of the SMCHS staff not only teach in the classroom, but also coach on the field.


Margaret Driscoll

Renee Blanc-Supernaw is not only a math teacher by day but also a swim coach by… later in the day.

Some teachers get up at six o’clock in the morning, teach class for seven hours and quickly change gears from teacher to coach. A long and exhausting day also creates a rewarding feeling for these teachers.

“It’s fun now to coach both track and cross country since I was once a runner in those programs under the same head coaches that I now coach with,” said Brittany Adame Cross Country and Track and Field Assistant Coach.

Teaching and coaching are two full time jobs but Adame loves every minute. Adame spends about 10 to 12 hours every week dedicated to coaching in addition to her teaching hours.

“Coaching takes up some time on the weekends, but I am someone who personally does better with my hours filled,” Adame said.

On top of planning lessons for classes, these teachers have to prepare plans for their practices as well. Being a coach and a teacher requires full dedication to two separate jobs and requires plans for both.

“Practice is about 13 hours per week, swim meets are about three hours each and putting together a lineup for a swim meet can take about two hours, not accounting for any last minute changes, so sometimes it can be hard to balance both,” said Swim assistant coach Renee Blanc-Supernaw.

Blanc loves coaching her students and growing closer with each one beyond the classroom.

“Both are important to me, I try to balance my time and take advantage of the pockets of time I have during the day to get things done,” Blanc said. “I figure if something is important to you, you try your best to make it work.”

Many teachers at SMCHS decide to go beyond teaching. The level of accomplishments at SMCHS in academics and in sports stems from the dedicated coaches.

“I love being able to work with the students outside the classroom,” said Jake Kremer soccer coach.

Kremer’s favorite time to coach season is during CIF playoffs. Although CIF requires the most time and work, it is the most rewarding. Spending about three hours a day during soccer season for prepping and coaching is typical for Kremer in addition to busy summers.

While it may seem like an easy life to live, teachers and coaches put all of their time into their activities and bring their best whether it’s in the classroom or on the field.

“It’s not my top priority,” said Kremer. “Teaching comes first, coaching comes second but I love being involved and I get to coach the sport I love at the school I love.”