Celine Bacily



Hello! My name is Celine Bacily, and I am a senior at SM. I am someone who has always striven to be active in their community.

Once I joined SM I searched for opportunities to do so. Along my search, I found Model United Nations (MUN). MUN grants me the opportunity to be the voice of those suffering.

It provides me with a space to discuss how I believe we can solve pressing problems.  I’ve discussed assisting hurricane survivors, providing aid to Ukraine and making local landfills more sustainable.

MUN transports me from a society filled with the depressing news of lives lost, cities destroyed, and ecosystems dying to a world where lives are being saved, cities are being rebuilt, and ecosystems are being renewed.

The numerous hours I put into researching, analyzing, and constructing solutions to these global issues can be tiring, but I am inspired to keep working every time I attend a MUN conference and reunite with delegates aspiring to make the same difference as me.