Girls volleyball loses to rivals Jserra


Last Thursday the Girls varsity volleyball team prepared for a high energy game with against Jserra. The Eagles suffered a loss though, leaving the girls disappointed.

Junior, Lili Tosches reflects, “It was a bittersweet moment because we all wanted to win, but we put up a hard fight and battled to the end.”

The final score was 3-2, a close call but Tosches is confident the girls will win the next time “We came together as a team after with more fire to beat them next time” she said.

Although the game didn’t go the way they planned, the girls volleyball team were still proud of their efforts. Girls rely on their intuition and their teammates to win the fast paced games.

“The game was filled with a ton of exciting energy.” Tosches continued, “ I think we really showed our ability as a team and our hard work shone through.”

The girls volleyball team works hard with practices all week and games almost every other day which encourages the team to get closer.

“There is nothing more rewarding than putting all your effort into practice and seeing it pay off in games.” Tosches explained after expressing her love for the sport.

Tosches described her appreciation for girls volleyball, “It’s such a fun and exciting sport” she said

Lili Tosches looks forward to spending time with the girls and hopes all the practice they are doing will pay off for the rest of the season. The team will prepare extra hard for the next few weeks.