SuperBowl Recap

The 2021 Super Bowl makes history.

Marcus Kim, Staff Writer

Sunday was highly anticipated by sports fans around the world with the 2021 Super Bowl. This year’s game marked the 55th annual Super Bowl in history. The matchup was unique, with the host city Tampa having their home team the Buccaneers playing in the big game.

The matchup this year was between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. With the Chiefs coming in being 16-3 and the Buccaneers coming in at 15-5, the Chiefs were the favorites to win again. The Chiefs were also looking to repeat their success last year with a back-to-back Super Bowl championship.

Standing in their way was 43-year-old quarterback Tom Brady, who already had won 6 Super Bowls. This year’s game round-up around 96.4 million viewers from across the country.

“It was great being able to watch the game with my friends and family and see two great teams battle it out for the Lombardi” Senior Ryan Riddlesperger said. 

Although the Chiefs were looking to cap the back-to-back season off. The game was all in the Buccaneers’ way leading the entire four quarters. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had no time in the pocket with the Buccaneers defensive line’s powerful pass rush. This made Mahomes evade the pocket multiple times throughout the game.

On the other side, Tom Brady had himself a game finding Tight End and longtime teammate Rob Gronkowski two times in the end zone.

With a final score of 31-9, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took the Lombardi Trophy home and Tom Brady got his 4th Super Bowl MVP and 7th Superbowl ring. This was the second Super Bowl victory in Buccaneers history.

 “Although I wasn’t rooting for the Buccaneers it was a cool thing to see Brady winning his 7th ring and seeing the Buc’s win it at home,” Riddlesperger says.