Savannah Jimenez

Emelin Conboy, Staff Writer

“COVID, as we know, has played a big part in our senior year and it’s definitely not what we were expecting it to look like. It really taught me a lot about myself and how I thrive being around people, and how I just appreciate the world around me. There’s so many little things I didn’t realize how much I appreciated until now, simple things like getting your nails done or a hair cut. Senior year has definitely been interesting. It’s really changed my life at school because being in the arts, we can’t do the things we used to do. I was in the Christmas production this year for dance and we had to perform with no audience and in theatre we haven’t been nearly able to do what we would love to do. But, this process has taught me to be optimistic because we are blessed with the opportunities we do have- we get to go to college soon, and we are all safe.”