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Savannah Jimenez

Savannah Jimenez

Emelin Conboy, Staff Writer February 8, 2021

"COVID, as we know, has played a big part in our senior year and it's definitely not what we were expecting it to look like. It really taught me a lot about myself and how I thrive being around people,...

Students imagine an online graduation considering the effect of coronavirus on an in-person one. Student's didn't know mid-March was their last day of traditional high school.

Coronavirus cancels senior year

Coronavirus brings a sad ending for the senior class of 2020.
Megan Plocher, Staff Writer May 1, 2020
 In mid-March students received instructions to leave school not knowing it would be their last day of high school. The coronavirus pandemic caused an emotional and unconventional second semester for many high school seniors who are focused on milestones such as graduation, prom and sporting events.
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