Best in the world

Covid restrictions affect the Ice Hockey World Juniors Championship.


SMCHS Hockey Team

Santa Margarita’s team poses at the 2019 National Championships.

Marcus Kim, Staff Writer

In this weird time of COVID 19 most sports have compromised to let athletes compete. This is the same situation for the 45th annual Ice Hockey World Juniors Championship taking place in Edmonton, Alberta from December 25th-January 5th.

Teams who come into Canada have to quarantine weeks before. They also don’t have the ability to roam the city, but instead have to stay in their respective areas. Countries come together and compete to show off their talent to the world against the best players in the world.

This year competing for Team USA is former Santa Margarita Eagle Ryan Johnson. Team USA recently selected him along with 28 other players to report to their camp to train. Johnson is the first player who played for Santa Margarita to be selected to compete at the World Juniors. Currently, Johnson plays at the University of Minnesota and the NHL drafted him to the Buffalo Sabres.

“It is really cool knowing that Team USA will have a familiar face with Johnson out there representing our country,” Senior Ryan Riddlesperger says.

As the US prepares to compete, they will have to face very talented teams including Team Canada and Team Russia. Both teams have highly skilled players who are top prospects coming out of their respective countries.

“It will be interesting to watch Ryan and the other members of the US team compete in Edmonton this year but I am looking forward to watching…” said Riddlesperger.