Independent PE

As a result of the lack of opportunities for physical activities, more students turn to independent P.E. for their credits.

The pandemic’s impact on sports inconvenienced students trying to reach the 20 credit P.E. requirement. As a result, more and more students choose to do Independent P.E.

The Independent Study Physical Education course, also known as Independent PE, is designed for students who already participate in a committed, sustained, and organized approved physical activity.

Students who apply to Independent PE earn credits by participating in designated activities outside of school. A qualified instructor must supervise and verify these activities.

Additionally, according to the PE Coordinator, Doug Williams, the Independent PE activities cannot be done at home.

“However, under the current conditions, parental supervising and signing of log sheets have been approved. “Williams said. “Approval for this is on a case by case basis.”

Students enrolled in Independent PE will also need to fulfill the requirements of the ISPE contract, which includes completion of all monthly workout logs and submission of all reports.

To enroll, students must submit the IPE Application and Contract to the PE Coordinator before the semester starts. The deadlines of the Independent PE applications are July 15 for fall and Dec 15 for spring.