Putting in the work

Senior Ava Freeborn discusses the positive and challenging aspects of being a dual sport athlete.


SMCHS Athletics

Freeborn plays in a lacrosse game last year. Playing multiple sports and keeping up with her schoolwork has taken a toll on the athlete’s mental and physical health.

Being an athlete and balancing school is a difficult task to handle. Although many students at SM are dealing with this challenge but are participating in multiple sports. Senior, Ava Freeborn, is a member of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse teams and the Girls Varsity Basketball team.

With these commitments come some challenges. Covid-19 restrictions have postponed many winter sports’ seasons, which now overlap with the spring seasons. Freeborn has noticed that these conflicting schedules have taken a toll on her academics and body.

“Sometimes I feel overwhelmed at times because I don’t really have a day off where I can go home, work on homework, and relax,” Freeborn said, “I  have to try and finish all my work at night and sometimes I just want to take a break. This schedule does take a toll on my body from all the wear and tear five days a week.”

It’s been difficult for Freeborn to decide how she wants to split up her time. While she wants to be there for both teams at all times, she admits sometimes it feels impossible.

“It’s going to be hard when basketball and Lacrosse games occur on the same day, and it will be difficult to choose what sport gets priority,” said Freeborn.

Because of the practice schedule Freeborn has, she often returns home tired, which makes doing schoolwork a lot harder.

“I am in academic support (ASP) which is a study hall so I can some of my work done during the school day, but I know not every athlete gets that opportunity.” said Freeborn, “Most times when I’m at home doing my homework I am so tired that it can affect my performance on a particular assignment which can affect my overall grade.

However, she claims that the positives outweigh the negatives. Freeborn has created many friendships and bonds that could have been made without participating in the sport.

“The best part of being apart of a sports team is probably getting to know more people that are apart of the team,” said Freeborn.

It also allows Freeborn to stay active in a positive setting where teammates support each other throughout practices and games.

“I also enjoy being in shape because you’re used to running every day at practice.” said Freeborn, “In basketball, I’m used to doing sprints back and forth across the court, and in lacrosse, I’m doing the same on the field.”