Opening week

Marcus Kim, Staff Writer

This weekend was a huge moment for Americans around the nation as it was the official start to the NFL! With COVID 19 going around the NFL looked a little different than past opening weekends. With most stadiums allowing no fans and a couple in some states allowing very little number of fans, players had to adjust to the environment of playing in front of little to no crowd.

“The first weekend of football was definitely exciting. Personally, I did not notice a change at all while watching on TV, but I bet the players had a heard time adjusting. Overall, through the NFL did a great job keeping everyone safe and having fun at the same time” Williams said.

It was interesting to watch how all the teams started their specific seasons and how their teams each prepared over the weird offseason because of COVID 19.  After watching the games throughout the weekend some of the games that stood out were Kansas City taking their first win in the first game of the year on Thursday Night Football proving they are in the running for another successful season this year. Also, another interesting game was the Cincinnati Bengals take on the LA Chargers. Seeing Joe Burrow Rookie Quarterback and former Heisman Trophy take his skill to the NFL for his first game was quite interesting as well.

“I definitely think that the season will finish the whole way, I think that Covid will die down at some point which will allow the NFL to keep going strong. There may be a couple speed bumps along the way but no chance that the whole season is to get cancelled” Williams states about the future of the NFL this year.

With all the uncertainty involved in the world today because of Covid 19 we can just pray to see more Sundays like this to keep football going for the rest of the season.