Delayed seasons

The football team faces scheduling complications due to safety restrictions


Sophia O, Staff Writer

As a high school staple, football games encourage school spirit through the engaging social aspect of the sport. The high school football season is a crucial time for players as it is a chance to gain recognition from college scouts and to provide entertainment for the student body. However, with the uncertain future of the season, the beloved high school football games that people are accustomed to may change.

In an effort to safely practice to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, each football team is separated into groups of 10 based on positions. Also, everyone on the field during practice is required to wear a mask.

As medical experts advised, the NCAA released a recruitment statement which extended the time period that coaches cannot have face-to-face contact with prospective college students or their parents. Instead, coaches are only allowed to write or call during this dead period. 

“We’ll just have to send out our film based on what we do this year,” said sophomore varsity football player Jalani Liva. 

Since all sports seasons are starting later, football will extend for most of the school year. With the long hours of football practices and games as well as the pressure to maintain a social life, do well in school, and partake in extracurriculars, student-athletes may struggle with keeping up.

“I am going to have to juggle football and my school work pretty much all year,” Liva said.

The football team is preparing for success even though they might not have the opportunity to perform at their peak. Additionally, the fans’ energy and excitement motivates the players, but now regulations may limit the number of fans or not allow them to watch entirely.

“Most of the guys are iffy on if the season is going to happen because [the coronavirus] is really unpredictable, but we have our hopes up high,” Liva said.