Tips for the Driving Test

Bella Scarano

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Tips for the Driving Test

The driving test is know to create stress for teens. Knowing some tips for passing can help reduce that stress. Keeping a calm mindset is important for the driving test as learned from experience.


Junior, Kaylin Maddox, shares her experience of taking the test. “A hug tip that I have is try not to be nervous, the first time I took the test I made a dumb mistake during the test” said Maddox. The driving test does cause a lot of nerves but the best thing is to try and stay calm and have confidence.


Being prepared for the test is a big stress reducer because you will feel more confident overall. Make sure you have all the papers you need  for the day of the test. Also having a lot of driving experience in the car you are testing in is extremely beneficial.


Senior, Regan Amirault, also contributed some tips while taking the test. “Look over your shoulder and keep looking across the road” said Amirault. Showing that you are paying attention to your surroundings is helpful and safe driving. “Learn the course before the test and know the speed limits” Amirault said. Learning the course makes the test more comfortable and creates a familiar atmosphere.


The driving test can be stressful but if you have confidence and keep a calm mindset should lower the stress. While the test can be intimidating hopefully this tips helped you feel more confident for the test.