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The story behind the new Netflix show, The Home Edit.


Home Edit Blog

The women popular Netflix show “The Home Edit” also run a blog and Instagram page. Check out their site for ways to keep your home organized.

The new Netflix show “The Home Edit” is chock full of satisfyingly organized closets, garages, and other spaces and has grown popular amongst viewers of all ages.

Started by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, “The Home Edit” originated from a simple Instagram account. Posting aesthetically pleasing organized content earned them their nearly five million followers. Since the Netflix first picked up “The Home Edit,” they’ve continued to experience growth. They also have a website where they sell products, share their organizing tips, and write more fun things through their blog, which you can visit here.

Shearer and Teplin come to the rescue of a mix of celebrities and regular families in need of serious organization. Not only is the show fun and entertaining it is also educational and inspiring when it comes to cleaning and organizing. If your home has fallen into disarray during quarantine, Joanna and Clea have lots of advice to offer to make your life more organized.

Organization can seem a daunting task, especially if the area you’re working on is large like a bedroom or garage. However, “The Home Edit” ladies demonstrate that with a few simple changes you can bring seamless order to any space. Colors and size are important factors in organizing. They organize by rainbow order and make everything appealing to the eye. Their aesthetically pleasing methods are also functional, offering sensible sorting options that are easy to maintain in busy homes.

You can visit the website here and learn, shop, and explore all things organization.