2020 recap

The Eagle Eye bids 2020 farewell with a recap of the most notable events of the year.

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Starting 2020 off with the awful Australian Wildfires and leaving society devastated by Kobe Bryant’s death.



Covid-19 virus began to spread.



The global pandemic hit the US immensely in March. The lockdown began and society responded by clearing out toilet paper in all stores causing a shortage.



The record number of Americans claims for unemployment.



The death of George Floyd began the great protesting of black lives.



Continuation of protesting for black lives, stores and restaurants began to open up with caution and limitations. On a positive note actress Raven Symone marries Miranda Maday.



Elon Musk and former President, Donald Trump sent two men to space. Kanye West threw a rally to announce him running for presidency. Also, drive-in movies started to become popular again.



Virtual school began

Joe Biden announces Kamala Harris will be his running mate, first woman of color + formally nominated as the Democratic party candidate.

California Governor Gavin Newsom declares state of emergency as 27 fires burn across the state amid a continuing heat wave.

US Republican party convention begins by formally renominating Donald Trump for a second presidential term.



Portland, Oregon, marks 100 days of protests against racism and police brutality.

California’s August Complex wildfire becomes largest recorded in state history at 471,000 acres (736 square miles).

Astronomers report possible sign of life on Venus, after detecting phosphine in planets’s atmosphere by telescope.

72nd Emmy Awards held virtually: “Succession” best drama, “Schitts Creek” wins record nine awards for a comedy, “Watchman” best limited series.



Silverado wildfire breaks out in Orange County, California forcing 60,000 people to evacuate.

Johnny Nash, American rocker dies at 80.



Joe Biden becomes president.

Kamala Harris, First woman and woman of color to be elected vice president.

Singer Harry Styles becomes the first-ever solo male cover star for US Vogue.

Charli D’Amelio becomes the first person to hit 100 million followers on TikTok.



Covid-19 vaccine begins to be distributed.