Their new home

Football players are treated with a new locker room as the season draws near.


Roman Sergi

Complete with the name and number of each player, the new locker room is the best way to start the new season.

As the players walked up the ramp, each had their phone out, already recording the  reveal, players entering the locker room could not suppress their excitement breaking  into a multitude of “oooos”.

The locker room has greatly improved since last season. Gone is the wooden box design, and three layer sorting system.

Each locker features a cage style designed, with four separate compartments to store their equipment. On the top is a rack for the player’s helmet and shoulder pads, allowing for better ventilation.  Below is a shelf where they can store their phones and hygiene products. Underneath the top shelf is a large open space where they can store their backpacks and below that is an area to keep their cleats.

“The storage improvement is the biggest thing,” said Junior corner-back Tyler Whitman. “It’s extremely nice to have a clean and organized space, especially with all the traffic before and after practice.”

The players had waited for the new locker room for a few months, having to put their gear on the field. Finally having a established place to get ready has given the players a place they can hang out and get pumped up before practice.

“We always have music on, usually before and after practice,” said Junior line-backer Anthony Comestro. “Everyone gets hyped, and everyone is near to get into it, creating even more energy.”

The players are extremely appreciative of the time that went into building their new home, and hope to repay it this season.

“It’s awesome to know that our Coaches and the administration got our back a hundred percent,” Comestro said. “We work harder than most every single day at practice, and understand we have to put out full effort for our supporters.”