More than a rally

Students and faculty reflect on the meaning of the yearly student vs. faculty basketball game.

Cassidy Doyle, Staff Writer

Cassidy Doyle
Strictly business – Daniel McDonald, Jakob Carroll and Kurtis Parr practice their commentary before the big game.

Energy filled the gym as students filed into the bleachers for their winter sports rally. As the lights dimmed, a team of eager seniors faced off against eligible faculty members in the most awaited sporting event of the year–the student vs. faculty basketball game.

The faculty team came out confident in their team chemistry and relied on each other throughout the game. Although the match ended in a faculty victory, it proves to be more than a competitive excursion. The game allows the school to come together in a casual, spirit atmosphere. Math teacher and basketball coach Scott Bricker believes the game carries an important message regarding teachers and staff on campus.

“The game is a great chance for the faculty to show that we have a different side to us,” Bricker said. “It’s always good for the entire campus when students see their teachers in a different role than standing in front of the classroom and it helps build a better community among everyone.”

The love of this rally doesn’t stop with the faculty. The community surrounding the game holds a special place in the hearts of many students. Senior and member of the student starting lineup, Katherine Flores, has always enjoyed this rally and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to represent her peers in the game.

“I decided to try out for the team because it is always the best rally of the year,” Flores said. “My sister was in it, and she had so much fun, so I knew I had to do it too.”

Cassidy Doyle
Balling out– Scott Bricker, Gerardo Butalid and Wolfgang Wood represent the faculty during the game.

School spirit was evident on the court, on the sidelines and in the stands. The seniors on the team  worked together to accomplish their shared goal of winning the game. Students were able to find unity while cheering their friends on the basketball team, cheer team, song team and dance team. Commentators fed off each others’ positive energy to set the right atmosphere for the game.

“It’s our job to encourage the crowd to get on their feet and make some noise in order to make the pep rally more fun for players, students and attendees,” said senior and commentator Jakob Carroll.

Senior commentator Kurtis Parr enjoyed using his quick wit and knowledge of sports to enhance the experience of the game for all in attendance. Carroll was grateful to be working with his peers to create the best commentary possible.

The game raises student spirits through the opportunity to come together and cheer on their peers. Science teacher and member of the faculty basketball team, Britney Adame, believes a little healthy competition engages students and raises morale. The game promotes high energy and allows the students to engage as a whole school.

“I think this game not only bonds the seniors a lot but the student body as a whole. We are all rooting for our team and it really brings us together,” Flores said.

Cassidy Doyle
Game faces– The Student Team prepares for the game with quick warmups.