Senior takeover

The school year has just begun and the class of 2019 is already showing off their school spirit in the nest.

Gillian Steffey, Print Editor-in-Chief

Faces of the nest – Kelly Travis (left), Kurtis Parr (middle) and Katie Flores (right).

Pre-game – Ella Lao (left) and Bella Carpenter (right) take their seats in the nest as they get ready for kickoff.

All smiles – (top row in order from left to right) Chloe Schaefgen, Mai Griffith and Sophie Getz. (bottom row in order from left to right) Tyler Johnson, Cameron Christensen, Ella Lao, Bella Carpenter and Lexi Aninag.

Fight on – The nest cheers on the football team in their game against Mission Viejo high school.

Eagles in action – Seniors fill the nest as they urge on their fellow eagles on the field.

Friday night lights – Austin Lavell (top left), Mikaila Casey (top right), Ryan Olsker (bottom left) and Tyler Johnson (bottom right).

School spirit – Chiara Thommarson (left), Betsy Travis (middle) and Lauren Whitley (right).

Senior season – (in order from left to right) Devon Bowen, Kennedy Ellison, Bella Riggione, Tori Palenske and Audrey Eagan.

Loud and proud – The student section keeps up their school spirit as the sun goes down and the lights turn on.


Photos by

Kennedy Kemmerer and Ben Erhardt