AMPed Up

Eagle athletes recover with AMP sports medicine and recovery.


AMP sports med and recovery has “AMPed” up their presence with SMCHS by providing support to many Eagle athletes. AMP has worked with the boy’s football team, girls softball team and the boys and girls track & field team. The boys and girls track & field team are visited by AMP sports professionals every week after intense workouts.

“Mondays are typically our big workout days,” said track sprinter Skyler Santini. “AMP relieves muscle aches by massaging your legs and also helps with the buildup of lactic acid after a workout.”

AMP can be seen out on the track with massage stretchers and inflatable leg casts that wrap around one’s leg. Although it may not seem like much, these resources are providing much-needed relief and support for Eagle athletes.

“They come out to the track and use NormaTec compression to enhance blood flow and speed recovery,” said Head Boys Track & Field Coach, Sean Zeitler. “As well as NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern which employs three key techniques to maximize your recovery: pulsing, gradients, and distal release.”

With the Eagle runners still in the pre-season, the athletes are facing some tough and tiring workouts in preparation for the spring season. AMP plays a vital role in ensuring that the runners are not tense, sore or tight ahead of a practice or meet.

“The pre-season sets our foundation for any success we might have during the regular and postseason,” Zeitler said. “If our athletes can recover quicker and bounce back sooner after a workout, the more successful their next workout will be and so on and so forth.”