For Houston

Houston wins the world series in a winner take all game seven.


The Houston Astros are World Series champions after a seven-game battle against the Dodgers. This evenly matched and hard-fought series was a thriller for fans on both sides. With a game seven winner-take-all, stakes were high, as Houston traveled to Dodger Stadium for a World Series showdown.

“The entire postseason was filled with a lot of excitement and well-played games,” said junior baseball player Ian Kotez. “It was the best world series I’ve ever seen, with super exciting games that ended with a walk-off win or a really close game.”

This World Series win is the first in franchise history for the Astros. Beginning their first season in 1962, the Astros were among three teams that have yet to win the World Series.

“It was a huge win for Houston; both the players and the city really deserved it,” said junior baseball player Bryce McMahon.

This World Series was a very intense on both sides. With seven games total, the matchup was evenly distributed. The most notable game of the series was game five because it lasted an extra inning as the Astros battled it out for a 13-12 walk-off win. A walk-off win is when one hit or play ends the game.

“Dodgers made a huge comeback and tied the game late in the game,” Kotez said. “They went to extras inning and kept going back in forth in a run score. The Astros won off a walk of a hit.”

Baseball player, George Springer, led his team to victory in game seven with his two-run home run to leave the Astros 5-0. Despite the Dodgers getting on the board to make it 5-1, Springer played a phenomenal postseason, hitting homeruns that tie him with Reggie Jackson and Chase Utley for the record. He is also the first player to hit a homerun in four consecutive games.

“He was well deserving of MVP because he tied the record of the most home runs,” McMahon said. “He was one of the key reasons that the Astros won.”

All in all,  the Houston Astros make history with a World Series win dedicated to the team and its fans. According to fans on both sides, this world series will always be one to remember.