EXaLTing God

Students ignite their relationship with God through worship.

Lauren Danke

Lauren Danke, Staff Writer

Campus Ministry hosts powerful nights of worship called XLT, or exalt, several times throughout the school year. XLT is a time for students, teachers, parents and friends to gather together to worship. It is known for its music, inspirational speakers and adoration.

XLT gives students the opportunity to leave their obligations at the door and focus on themselves and God. Students learn new things about God and learn that a relationship with God can be challenging, but also important.

Students find XLT as a great way to express their faith and experience something new in a group and individually. Senior Emily Froboese, has attended XLT multiple times and expresses the importance of community.

“XLT is a community,” Froboese said. “everyone is gathered together in one room worshiping God and growing in their faith lives, and to me, that is God present through the people.”

The night begins with worship songs, led by Campus Ministry director, Francis Cabildo. Cabildo came to Santa Margarita in January of 2013 and began XLT. Cabildo and his band sing at every XLT event to engage students in a different type of worship. For Cabildo and his band, singing is more than just music, it’s a form of prayer.

“The whole band that I bring out, they are all excellent musicians, but they aren’t there just to play music,” Cabildo said. “they are there to lead everyone to a place of worship”

While prayer can be silent and reflective it doesn’t always have to be. At XLT, Mr. Cabildo shows how singing is a form of prayer and prayer can come in many different forms.

“Prayer can be jumping up and down and singing for Jesus, just celebrating,” Cabildo said.

The speakers at every event have new messages to share with each person. Campus Ministry held an XLT event on Wednesday, October 27th with the message of God’s trustworthiness.

The speaker, Matt Franklin, shared his personal story of how he struggled to trust God. He explains that everyone has their own struggles that they go through on a daily basis, but leaning on God will make people stronger.

Towards the end of the night, students engage in an activity called adoration; this is a time of deep worship where everyone is able to pray and reflect in the presence of the body of Christ. The message is brought to a close and students have the opportunity to bring their struggles to Jesus.

“My favorite part of XLT is adoration because it’s at that moment where what we have been doing is brought to a place where you can bring it to Jesus, it is the pinnacle of the night,” Cabildo said.

XLT is packed with songs, messages and adoration. Between messages, like trusting God and so much more, XLT continues to inspire and ignite relationships with God to everyone that attends. If you are looking to attend the next XLT it will be November 29th  at San Francisco Solano Catholic Church from 6:30-8 p.m.