The Eagles football team looks back on its previous season to hatch a new game plan.


Chloe Le

Pre-season starts now for the Eagles football team which means reflecting on previous defeats.

After two years of falling short of expectations, SMCHS has thrown a Hail Mary in hopes of a future successful football season. But the termination of head coach Rick Curtis on Nov. 19 means that the SMCHS football team is now running into the next season without a leader.

Compared to the 2012 season, during which SMCHS held a 9-3 record and qualified for the second round of playoffs, the team ended the 2015 season with a 5-5 record, finishing last in Trinity League.

“SMCHS [football team] is supposed to be known as a Pac-5 powerhouse team,” said varsity player senior Austin Barrette. “We attract and make talent out of great coaching and consistent practice but after two seasons of not making it to the playoffs, it’s easy to put the blame on the man running the team.

Curtis was seen as SMCHS’ saving grace near the beginning of 2014, but the years that followed were rough as the players faced difficulties when it came to their coach.

“The coaching definitely affected the players,” said varsity player junior Isaac Montes. “Most were unmotivated which caused a problem during practice and especially during games.”

Having their coach of two seasons leave, the football team now has time to reflect and the opportunity to wish the best for their former coach.

“When I found out about coach Curtis, I wasn’t truly shocked but I did feel for him,” Montes said. “I hope he can continue doing what he loves.”

Curtis’ termination left rumors flying around the school and on the web. However, Principal Raymond Dunne put an end to such rumors like former coaches Harry Welch and Jim Hartigan coming back.

“It’s up to [Welch and Hartigan] if they want to be a part of the process but I have not had any conversations with those gentlemen — it’s just the blogs talking,” Dunne said. “At this point, I have no idea who the coach is going to be. Anyone can apply.”

After the 2015 season, the football team has already begun to plan for what’s in store next year.

“We have a lot of underclassmen that are good and our JV team has been playing well all year so the future looks bright for us,” said varsity captain senior Matt Mark.

In regards to the next coach, the team will await and help decide who their future coach will be.

“I want the next coach to be a strong leader that brings a strong coaching staff with him,” Montes said. “I believe that if the new coach unites us and makes us a stronger team, he could lead us to greater heights.

But even with all the hoping and planning, the future football season remains obscure.

“It’s difficult to predict the future,” Dunne said. “Things can happen during the time between and we never know what will happen until then.”