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2020 recap

The Eagle Eye bids 2020 farewell with a recap of the most notable events of the year.
Bella Scarano, A&E Editor February 16, 2021

January: Starting 2020 off with the awful Australian Wildfires and leaving society devastated by Kobe Bryant's death.   February: Covid-19 virus began to spread.   March: The...

The need for a shared vision

As the war against the coronavirus rages on, during a period of transition the American people must unify.
Roman Sergi, Sports Editor December 3, 2020

It's unescapable. Seemingly every day, even every hour someone or something mentions the coronavirus. A year since the first case, it is still a global problem, revealing the failure of our government. Totaling...

Grind doesn’t stop

Athletes detail what trainings is like with coronavirus restrictions.
Roman Sergi, Sports Editor November 30, 2020
Coronavirus has transformed the landscape of the United States. From quarantines, mandatory masks, and lockdowns everyone has been affected.

One mask at a time

A local group of community members continue to distribute handmade masks to areas in need through the Health Care Mask Collaborative.
Sofia O'Keefe, Staff Writer November 5, 2020

After seeing the unfortunate impacts of Covid-19, local politician Stephanie Oddo created a Facebook group known as Healthcare Mask Collaborative (HMC) to manufacture cloth masks in impoverished and high-risk...

Confirmed student cases of coronavirus in Irvine

Confirmed student cases of coronavirus in Irvine

With schools having been open for in-person learning, concerns regarding students contracting COVID have been realized with two confirmed cases in the Irvine Unified School District
Kendrick Choi, Managing Web Editor October 29, 2020

With schools returning in-person, it was only a matter of time till students and teachers would test positive for COVID-19. Such an occurrence has struck the Irvine Unified School District days after returning....

Why we need to stop hoarding

Why we need to stop hoarding

Hoarding is an irresponsible response to the pandemic panic that leaves the vulnerable at risk.
Grace Caspino, Staff Writer May 14, 2020

We've all walked into super markets and seen the empty aisles. The once full shelves are now completely picked over from hoarders coming in to over stock on supplies. Items such as canned food, cleaning...

Pros and cons of online learning

Pros and cons of online learning

The highs and the lows of online learning during the quarantine.
Julia Furtado , A&E Editor May 8, 2020

At one point or another, every student wishes that they could forget about school and live in a never-ending summer break. With online learning, it's easier to feel like you're on a vacation rather than...

Protests gone too far

The stay at home protests are ignorant and dangerous, while disrespecting the nation's medical workers.
Emily Freeborn, Opinion Editor May 5, 2020

There is no doubt that an American's ability to protests is one of the most patriotic activities we can engage in. After all, our nation began with protests to protect our liberties. However, screaming...

The decrease of tourism in Venice, Italy improves the canal's waters and quality of life for the marine animals.

Time for recovery

Social distancing from the pandemic provides benefits to the environment.
Giulia Henshaw , Copy Editor April 24, 2020
In the months since coronavirus became a global pandemic, air quality and ocean conditions have improved.
Experts fear coronavirus could have a detrimental effect on the economy.

Leaning into recession

The coronavirus pandemic takes a toll on the economy and stock market.
Megan Plocher, Staff Writer April 8, 2020
Experts fear that coronavirus will cause an economic downturn in the stock market that could go into next year, and even beyond that. In response to government restrictions on businesses to lessen the spread of the virus, unemployment rates are increasing and stores are closing.
Try these tips to maintain health during quarantine.

Switch to online school

Administration shuts down campus in order to combat coronavirus.
Evelyn Driscoll and Devon Nguyen March 26, 2020

SMCHS announced a schoolwide switch to online One-to-One learning on March 13 in response to the World Health Organization's (WHO) designation of the coronavirus as pandemic two days prior. Remote...

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