Austin Parker


Imogen Cunningham, A&E Editor

Hi! My name is Austin Parker and I’m a senior at SM. I have a famous popsicle account on TikTok since about May of 2020.  It gave me a passion with the monotony of Covid. Honestly, I didn’t start with the goal of being famous it was just something fun. Eventually the popsicles opened me to a bunch of opportunities. It has affected me personally as it’s now a part of my character. I feel very creative when in the kitchen and love baking. I’ve been able to collaborate with brands and other creators like Nami to promote awareness for mental health. My goals with the platform I have for my future is to grow it more. I want to make my own popsicle company called Packin’ Pops which is a popsicle delivery service. I want to have pop up popsicle stores called Parker’s Pops. Also I’d like to make a cookbook with my different popsicle creations. I am doing well with my business and making money but as long as I’m having fun that’s all that matters. So, a message I would give to everyone on social media, is to not let everyone judge you on your content .

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