Donovan Comestro, ’23


I’m Donovan Comestro, a senior and just turned 18. This is my fourth year at SM. I’ve been playing football for a while even before high school. I’m the captain of the SM football team and I play safety so I’m a defensive player; I spend a lot of time on football. Being the team captain feels great, it practiced my leadership skill and improved my confidence. Achievement wise, last year we were the first team all trinity, during my sophomore year we were second team. Personally, I got opportunities to play in college. I like SM because of the level of opportunities that you can’t get at most high schools. SM is a nice community, the people are nice, and we have a good vibe. The most memorable thing that happened in SM for me was coming back to school from covid and learning with people around you. I also liked the football memories, especially last year’s homecoming game. Our homecoming game this year is next week against JSerra. I’m super excited since JSerra is our rival so it’s already a big game, and it’s more important because of homecoming.