Into the world, from the vault

Taylor Swift releases a new version of her 2008 iconic album, Fearless, and six new songs from the vault.



Fearless Reimagined – The album cover of Fearless (Taylor’s Version), is a reimagined image of the original album. Swift created this new album just the way she wanted it, including six new songs from the vault.

Fearless, the album that skyrocketed Taylor Swift’s career and brought her name to lights is still heavily loved on by her fans. On April 9, 2021, Swift released a recreation of Fearless along with six additional songs that were written during the same time as other songs on the album. These works of art have been kept in the vault for over ten years. The world is now getting to listen to these pieces of Swift’s heart from 2008 on her new album Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

Here is a recap on the six new songs from the vault on the album Fearless (Taylor’s Version):

You All Over Me (feat. Maren Morris) (Taylor’s Version): Bringing it back to Swift’s country days, this song features a nostalgic tone. This classic love song is a memory of a relationship that has been broken. The idea that the parts of your past partner will never leave you is brought to life. The soothing vocals of Swift’s can be heard in addition to Maren Morris’ throughout the track.

Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version): An upbeat and sarcastic song that emphasizes on the aftermath of a heartbreaking relationship with Joe Jonas. Swift sings about her feelings and evokes the era of singing about her ex-boyfriends.

We Were Happy (Taylor’s Version): Swift recalls the memories of her past with a boy that had provided her with a plethora amount of dreams for her future. This track is a slow song that brings about the guilt Swift has for leaving her ex-lover.

That’s When (feat. Keith Urban) (Taylor’s Version): A story of a couple who comes to realize that they cannot be apart from each other is told through this song. The dynamic duo of Swift and Keith Urban make up the vocals of this “close to country” track. It is a great sing-a-long that brings about feelings of joy from true love.

Don’t You (Taylor’s Version): Another song about love! Don’t You is about Swift’s encounter with someone she still loves, although they have decided to go different directions in life. She cannot bring herself to move on, even though her ex significant other is already in a new relationship.

Bye Bye Baby (Taylor’s Version): The final track from the vault is about the end of a relationship. It is a slow, calming song that showcases the pain Swift feels about it falling through. The album ends with a goodbye to a relationship.