Creepy Thrillers

Netflix and HBOMax release new documentaries covering California’s murder mystery thrillers.

Domi Drust, Social-Media Editor

True crime junkies must check out these newly released documentaries. The stories they tell share unique perspectives on terrifying crimes. Night Stalker can be streamed on Netflix and I’ll Be Gone in The Dark can be streamed on HBOMax.

NIGHT STALKER: This documentary covers the terror that surrounded Californians in the 1980’s. This four-part Netflix original comes from the perspective of the two detectives that took on the case to find the identity of the ‘Night Stalker’. The ‘Night Stalker’ spread his terror up and down the coast. The documentary slowly pieces together the clues and common threads seen in his crimes. The audience feels as if it is solving the mystery themselves.

The survivors of the ‘Night Stalker’ or family members speak out on the events that occurred. In its final parts, it also shares the identity of the attacker, thief, and murderer Richard Ramirez. The series details his capture, trial, and conviction. This eerie, heartbreaking, and emotional series is an addicting series and a must watch from Netflix.

I’LL BE GONE IN THE DARK: This six-part documentary covers the cold case of the ‘Golden State Killer’. This follows the perspective of a crime writer’s obsession with solving the crimes of the ‘Golden Stater Killer’. Michelle McNamara had a niche for crime writing. When she discovered the cases of assaults and killings done by an unknown criminal, she became glued to the mystery. Her comedian husband, Patton Oswalt, shares these years of Michelle’s investigation. She traveled to the scenes of the crimes in the 70-80’s. She gathered unseen police reports, interviewed survivors, and became more than an author.

Consequentially, the attention McNamara gave the case helped police to find the criminal decades later. The survivors also share the terror and trauma experienced from these powerful events.  The police officially arrested and convicted Joseph DeAngelo shortly after McNamara’s sudden and tragic death. This documentary allows audiences to see a true crime writer solve one of the most infamous cases in history.