Quantity over quality

Christmas movies are just ways to get you excited for the holidays and they are not quality movies.

Katherine Eli, Photo Editor

Snow, romance, and happy endings could be considered the perfect formula for a Christmas movie. The Hallmark Channel has cracked this code and has found a way to mass produce Christmas movies as a major source of revenue for their company.

In this year alone The Hallmark Chanel was able to produce 40 movies in 2020, according to Glamour. The company has also expanded their “25 day countdown to Christmas” into a two month countdown in order to capsize on it in order to make more money. https://www.hallmarkchannel.com/christmas-comes-twice/videos/preview-christmas-comes-twice (Preview for one of their premiering movies)

This strategy is truly great marketing that lures in family’s to watch these movies every night.

Unfortunately, these movies do not contain an original and grasping plot line. They all tend to be the same movie in different fonts.

What family’s are not aware of is the lack of creativity that a Christmas movie should truly possess. When you think of classic Christmas movies “Elf”, “Home Alone”, “A Christmas Story”, and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. These are some of the best movies because of their original, creative, and captivating plot lines.

Hallmark has been known to have the same predictable story in each movie while often using the same actors. For example, Lacy Chabert has been in 10 different Christmas Hallmark movies. Many people still claim that they love these movies because after all has over 72 million people tune in during the holidays.

It will always be a mystery how The Hallmark Channel is able to bring in so much business for the same movies every year.