How early is too early?

Deciphering what time it is socially acceptable to begin celebrating the Christmas season.


Holy Anissa

Stockings hang festively in an already decorated room. Though it is always fun to celebrate the holidays, we should consider saving the celebration for later.

For many as soon as the clock hits 12 at midnight on November first, the holiday season begins. In the most stressful time of the year we ponder on what to look forward to next.

Of course, we cannot forget Thanksgiving. However, our excitement will not be contained when the radio stations begin playing Christmas music during the first few days of the month.

People look forward to the simple time of giving. The joyous holiday brings so much warmth to everyone (maybe not weather wise).

It is a magical season with so much to be grateful for such as spending time with family, drinking hot chocolate, and watching Christmas movies by the fire. Who would not want to ring in the season early?

We may not be able to ski or ice skate yet, but we can definitely catch Christmas fever.

Although this year may be different, we can enjoy the annual Christmas show or Christmas socks sale for charity.

“One of my favorite ways to help me get in the Christmas spirit is driving around and looking at Christmas lights,” Senior Ryan Stensby said.

The main holiday happiness and generosity is something we should feel all year round. It’s never too early to decorate your Christmas tree or go present shopping.

The beginning of November will always remain  the perfect time to spend with your loved ones and spread cheer.