Emmy season amidst a pandemic

The Emmys this year adapted to the Covid-19 situation and made history.



Jimmy Kimmel (center) hosts the 72nd Emmys with some technological flair amidst the Covid pandemic. This was Kimmel’s second time hosting the awards show.

The 72nd Emmy Awards this year managed to occur despite the pandemic. With Jimmy Kimmel as the host this year, the awards show mostly happened virtually. Although the Emmys could not give the full experience because of Covid-19, it adapted to the circumstances as best as possible for viewers to enjoy.

There were plenty of good moments including a breathtaking cover by H.E.R of “Nothing Compares 2 U,” many records were broken, essential workers, such as teachers and doctors, were celebrated and featured in the show, and more.

However, the conditions of Covid-19 contributed to low ratings for the award show compared to previous years. There were 6.1 million viewers this year while there were 7 million viewers the year before.

There were many notable awards were given and records broken during the show. “Schitt’s Creek” won a record-breaking nine awards. They achieved the most wins in a season for a comedy show. Other significant awards include Zendaya winning best lead actress in a drama, becoming the youngest winner in the award show’s history, Tyler Perry receiving the Governors Award, and more.

A common theme of politics and justice appeared in the winners’ acceptance speeches. Many encouraged viewers to vote in the upcoming 2020 elections. Others, such as Regina King, payed tribute to the likes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Breonna Taylor. They also payed tribute to members of the acting community such as Chadwick Boseman.

Overall, the Emmys did well this year given the difficult circumstances of the pandemic. Although there was a smaller audience, Kimmel and others tried their best to compensate and give the viewers entertainment. History was made during the show this year and the best is yet to come for the awards show.