The warrior behind the Warrior Project

Shane Townsend shares her love for mental health through Instagram page, @thewarriorproject.

Contrary to the mindset of many Americans in April of 2020, senior Shane Townsend was ready to use her positive outlook and encouraging personality to make others feel loved through a new outlet on Instagram. The Warrior Project was brought to life in the midst of the COVID-19 shutdown and quickly gained a following after the first post was shared on the topic of, self worth.

“I wanted to start the Warrior Project because I felt like I had a

Pictured is Shane Townsend, the warrior behind the Warrior Project. Townsend started the account in April and has since gained over a hundred new followers. (Eric Fluhr)

lot of love to share,” Townsend said. “I wanted others to see that they too could make it through.”

As challenging times approached, Townsend stepped up and became a beacon of light to many with her account. On the page, she talks about mental health and provides check-ins through a poll feature. By providing a space for others to feel encouraged, Townsend hopes to destigmatize conversations about mental health.

“It’s okay to not be okay,” said Townsend. “I want to give others something happy to look at even when things get tough.”

We become what we consume. Social media can be hard to navigate at times and may often leave the user feeling unsatisfied. The Warrior Project focuses on adding value to your daily scroll on Instagram by reminding you of your worth.

“Being a giver and sharer of the light is my calling and I wanted to do that on an Instagram platform,” Townsend said.

Evidently, the Warrior Project is a positive addition to the life of its followers. Senior Zachary Crandall finds Townsends encouragement and motivation to be a helpful tool for dealing with stress.

“The Warrior Project provides me with inspiration and perspective that I know I can consistently count on,” Crandall said.

Townsend feels that by starting the Warrior Project, her own mindset has shifted to a more positive place as well.

“When I personally focus on the good, my mental health is better and I work more efficiently,” said Townsend.

As the Warrior Project continues to develop and grow, Townsend hopes to grasp more knowledge and awareness on mental health with the intention of relating more to her followers. She also plans to continue on with posting encouraging and uplifting messages.

“Everyone deserves to feel like they belong, so I will continue to share my posts,” Townsend said.