Benefits of jobs for students

Jobs are a great way to make money and be proactive.

Being a high school student is stressful enough on its own. Tests on top of sports on top of homework can be a lot to handle and adding a part time job on top of that can be stressful, but also extremely beneficial.


Having a part time job during high school not only provides a cash flow but can also be interesting to colleges. Being able to balance your school work as well as the responsibility of a job looks good on resumes and proves that you are ambitious and proactive.


Being a teen in high school can be hard when your low on cash and want to hang out with your friends on the weekends. Having a part time job gives you flexibility and money to be able to pay for yourself when hanging out and relieve the stress of having to ask parents for money.


Another benefit that comes along with having a job in high school is that it helps you with budgeting and time management skills which are essential in college. It will give you a jumpstart on how to be independent and responsibly deal with your money and time.


It is an efficient way to make money and it can even be fun. Applying for a fun summer job at your local pool with your friends can be a fun way to hang out and make money while doing it. It’s a way to spend more time with friends before college and get more job experience.


Senior Andy Gunnemann says, “Having a part time job in high school is one of the best decisions I ever made, I saved and was able to buy myself my own car.”


Overall having a part time job in high school is beneficial and had many positive components. Next time your looking for something to add to your resume, schedule, or a fun way to earn cash, consider having a part time job.